Team Blue Tacos
From left to right: Lames, Teaowth and Bessie.
Species Human
Service Making blue apples and stealing Pokémon
Picture Quote "Team Blue Tacos is cheesing down again!"
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Noodle Life (formerly), Animal Crossing: Village of the Forgotten

Team Blue Tacos (Japanese: 青タコス団 Blue Taco-dan, literally Blue Tacos Gang) is a criminal organization in Animal Crossing: Village of the Forgotten. They were going to be in Animal Crossing: Noodle Life, but the game was canceled. They plan on making Blue Apples and stealing the villager's Pokémon for their boss Miovanni, so that they can make their own Apcenia Ray and use it on more people.

The trio are recolors of the Team Rocket Trio from the anime, because they appeared in the player's town from another dimension, and because. Wynaut? Teaowth is unable to talk, however.

Their names is Bessie, Lames and Teaowth. (Please note that Bessie is not based on any other Bessie, such as Bessie Busybody from LazyTown.)

Their former boss is a girl called Azure from Twitch Plays Pokémon's Anniversary Crystal playthrough, who was corrupted by a brainwashed Mewtwo. However, when the Team Rocket Boss Giovanni accidentally stumbled across this dimension, the brainwashed Mewtwo cloned him, creating Miovanni, who replaced Azure. Azure has since been sent to the player's town, where she got a serious case of amnesia, due to herself being shot by the Apcenia Ray. Oh wait! This article is about Team Blue Tacos, right? Maybe we should stop talking about this for now.

Rumor: Has a "Mirror Team Blue Tacos" been discovered?Edit

At this time, there is no evidence on if there is a "Mirror Teaowth". Here is the leaked and rumored image, showing a Mirror Lames and a Mirror Bessie:

HNI 0099

The rumored image.

Update: Another rumor says that their group name is "The Heroes of Orange Sausages", and that their voices are "swapped".

Update #2: The screenshot has been official, and has been confirmed on that it's from Animal Crossing: Village of the Forgotten, in a "Secret Lair".

Rumor #2: New Team Blue Tacos members? An Trademark shows proof!Edit

A Trademark for the names of "Team Blue Tacos Dutch" and "Team Blue Tacos Passidy" has been set and leaked. Are these rivals to Lames, Bessie and Teaowth? Their Pokémon right now are currently unknown.