Team Blue Tacos
From left to right: Lames, Teaowth and Bessie.
Species Human
Service Making blue apples and stealing Pokémon
Picture Quote "Team Blue Tacos is cheesing down again!"
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Noodle Life

Team Blue Tacos (also known as TBT, BT) is a criminal organisation in Animal Crossing: Noodle Life.

They plan on making Blue Apples and stealing Pokémon.

But they are in the wrong game.

The Trio is just recolors of the TRT from the anime because whynot.

Their names is Bessie, Lames and Teaowth.

But the boss is a girl called Azure from Twitch Plays Pokémon's Anniversary Crystal playthrough. Giovanni must had finally made Mewtwo obey him and Mewtwo must had corrupted her when she was playing ACNL if Azure did had a 3DS. It's just a theory though. A G- Oh wait. Better tell Mattpatt first If I can say this here.

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