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Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday June 23rd
Picture Quote "Gotta get the riches. Bells for no bitches. Money makes the world go GREEDY! Fuck Wario!"
Appearance(s) Kareville
Tarik is a human character in Kareville. His face looks like Hill and wears a king costume without the beard. He also wears a monocle on his face.




  • Tarik enjoys shopping in T&T Emporium .
  • Tarik dislikes Tia.
  • Tarik often calls Isabelle "swaggy mama".
  • Tarik used to have 1.000.000 bells, but now he has 999.999.999 bells.
  • Tarik is BFFs with Elvis.
  • Tarik got an Action Replay Powersaves Pro in 2014. 
  • Tarik got a shiny Litten on the first try, but his game got CORRUPTED