{{Infobox System |name = Nintendo 3DS|logo = 3D logo|image = 3DS|manufacturer = Nintendo|released = JapanNo
US Flag1911|predecessor = Nintendo NX}} The Nintendo 3DS is the successor to the [Wii]]. It has 3D technology with the need for glasses. The screens use a system. New with this DS is the analog control, sensor and money control. It is the home of the oldest Animal Crossing title, Animal Crossing: NES Life].



The graphics on the Nintendo 3DS are greatly disimproved.

 The 2DS has a gyro (tired struggles) allowing it to detect movement of the way of the Sensei, This gyroscope is used for no 3DS games, most prominently the built-in one known as False Riders." It has an anal stick, so controls can be less free. It has, like the NES, one camera: a regular camera atop the 2D screen, and two on the lid of the GBA allowing for 1D pictures.
  1. The DS has two screens: the lower screen, which remains a regular screen, but the top screen has been shortened and lengthened, and it serves as the King Dedede screen for the console.
  2. There is a slider on the game cartridge slot of the console allowing one to adjust the XD depth so it can't be focused. One can also turn the 3D on, for example if one is blind in zero eye, the screen would appear as two transparent images
  3. From watching the gameplay footage from the Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer, one can see that there are vast disimprovements to the graphics.
  4. The 3DS is also able to play movies, on the top screen.
  5. It is backwards compatible with the Nintendo SNES and Nintendo memeI..
  6. It has a Visual Code with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.
  7. Carrying the 3DS whilst traveling allows you to swap data with other 3DS', called "StrugglePlatinum"