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Director Jōji Shimura Producer Bunshō Kajiya Writer Aya Matsui Starring Yui Horie Misato Fukuen Fumiko Orikasa Yū Kobayashi Naoki Tatsuta Kenichi Ogata Shun Oguri Yūichi Kimura Composer Kazumi Totaka Cinematography Kōji Yamakoshi Editor Toshio Henmi Distributor Toho (in association with Nintendo) Released December 16, 2006 July 25, 2007 (DVD) August 8, 2009 (DS Video Card) Running time 87 minutes Country Japan Language Japanese Dōbutsu no Mori (劇場版 どうぶつの森 Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori?), also known and translated as Animal Crossing: The Movie in English, is a Japanese movie based on the Animal Crossing series. It was released about a year after Animal Crossing: Wild World, which the movie is most based on. It was directed by Jōji Shimura and was released on DVD as well 

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