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Kareem's Animal Crossing Encyclopedia  

Wiki Rules

Please note that all wiki users must be 13 years old or older in order to comply with US law.

The following rules apply to all users. They cover the expected user conduct and basic Wiki rules.

If you need help understanding the rules, please use the talk page. All changes and proposals to the rules must be discussed.

1. Talking to other users

  1. Talk politely to other users.
  2. Do not post comments such as 'Hi!' or 'I'm bored'. Doing so may result in you being sharked.
  3. Do not swear. If you want to use a bad word, then use it nicely and put *s after the first letter. Try to use this as little as possible.
    1. If you swear at another user, you will be blocked, depending on the way it was used.
  4. It is not acceptable to post one word replies such as 'OK' or 'yeah' because they add nothing to the discussion.
  5. It is okay to post your personal information such as name, age and location (no more specific than state/province level (e.g. Tennessee is okay, Nashville, TN is not)
    1. Posting information of other users is not acceptable and will result in bans.
  6. It is acceptable to discuss topics of sexuality as long as no pornographic content is posted or linked to without a clear warning.
  7. No sockpuppet accounts - users are not permitted to have more than one account on the wiki, to evade bans or otherwise. Discovery of an alternate account will result in that account being banned indefinitely.

2. User page content

  1. No offensive and/or pornographic content on user pages. If a user is found with pornography on their page, or has uploaded said material, they can be blocked for at least 6 months, if not longer.
  2. Swearing is permitted on your userpage if you add {{contentwarning}} to the top of your page in a clear visible position.
  3. No racist content.
  4. No content which may be gory or bloody.
  5. No content which may upset/distress people.
  6. Do not edit another user's user page. Only administrators are permitted to do this, unless it says so on the page.
    1. You must be logged in to edit your userpage.
  7. It is acceptable to discuss topics of sexuality as long as no pornographic content is posted or linked to without a clear warning.

3. Spam and vandalism

  1. Vandalism is the insertion of rubbish/gibberish into pages. Spam is where one posts links to a site repeatedly in articles, to promote said site.
  2. Users who vandalise are punished the same as users who spam.
    1. If the spam links to a website containing a) gory b) offensive c) pornographic or d) screamer videos, the length of block will multiply by the number of times the links are blocked.
  3. Persistent vandals a) need a life, and b) will be blocked.
  4. Multiple IP vandals, see clause 3. That's a range block, by the way.
  5. Persistent posting of material that is deemed sharkable (see section 1, clause 2) is deemed spam.

4. Spelling and grammar

  1. DO NOT speak in chatspeak, or textspeak. e.g. "Are you well, thank you for the gift, Susan" is preferable to "r u ok, thx 4 th gft suzn" - that is hard to read and annoying.
  2. Plurals are not spelt with an apostrophe. Compare: 'The trees' to 'The tree's'. First one, correct; second one, the tree's what? What does the tree have?
  3. Do not use the word 'you'. Replace 'you' with 'the player'. Note that 'player' does not need to be capitalised. Because the gender of the player can be either male or female, replace with he/she, him/her or, more preferably, 'they'. 'One' is also acceptable.
  4. The American spelling of words is preferable. Compare: 'humor' (USA) to 'humour' (UK).
  5. Make sure you're using the correct phrase relating to a character's gender: Some users use 'he' instead of 'she' and 'him' instead of 'her'.
  6. Don't confuse 'affect' and 'effect'. Compare: 'The rain affects his hair' (verb: to affect) and 'The rain has an effect on his hair' (noun: an effect). 'The rain has an affect on his hair' and 'The rain effects his hair' are incorrect.
  7. No contractions in article text; always spell out the word. Example: they're should be they are.
  8. Only proper nouns or words at the beginning of a sentence are to be capitalised. We Do Not Capitalise Words Like This In British Or American English. Or Australian, For That Matter. It's annoying. However, on blogs, we do permit you to capitalise all letters in a noun for emphasis. e.g. "When Jeremy and I went into the haunted house, it was VERY scary!"
  9. A comma always comes before the 'and' or 'or' in a series, for example: Bob, Kitty, and Kiki are all cats. Not using the comma would result in a pairing of Kitty and Kiki, removing the use of a series in the first place.

5. Article style

  1. No point of view. This is like saying: 'Rosie is really nice and i like her lots'. Aside from being considered vandalism, it can cause more and more users to do it. It just gets annoying. Info like that goes on your user page.
  2. Most Projects have a special manual of style that they wish for you to use. If you have any questions, please ask the project leader.
  3. No huge blank spaces.
  4. No 'claims of authorship' - nobody wants to know who wrote the third paragraph, etc. You don't see it on Wikipedia, so don't do it here.

6. Images and files

  1. Please do not upload images if you are not going to use them on an article, userpage or whatnot.
  2. Same applies with music files.
  3. Please use a licensing template for each image/music file.
  4. No uploading of idiotic pictures that you were not going to use anyway, such as, a picture of a fat man holding a toy car. It is unnecessary.
  5. Upload only appropriate images.
  6. No personal villager images. Only add new images for villagers, or in-game screen shots.

7. Dealing with spam

  1. Just remove the spam from the page. Simple as.
  2. If it's a spam/vandalism page, mark with the {{Delete}} template like this: {{delete}} at the top of the page, and leave a note at Animal Crossing Wiki:Deleting.

8. Admins and rollbacks

  1. Do not request promotions. Admins, and the rollback role, are highly regarded and if you are thought to be benefited with either role you will be vouched for. Begging or continually asking for a roll is considered harassment. However, you may put yourself out on the Animal Crossing Wiki:Promoting page; put your proposal up, make sure you are eligible for the role, and people will vote for you.
  2. Admins do not gain superpowers. The admin role is not an amazing promotion to dance to. The only benefits are the delete page option, rename file option, the undo option, and the ability to promote/demote other users to some extent (advanced promotion/demotion is done by bureaucrats).
  3. To see a list of current admins and rollbacks, head to Animal Crossing Wiki:Administrators
  4. One must make sure one is eligible to become an admin or rollback. On this site you must have reached an edit number (not including personal page edits), you must have been on the site for the minimum period, and you must be active.

9. Linking

  1. To link to a page on THIS wiki, just put the page name in [[ and ]].
  2. To change the text that appears on the page, just put [[page name|wanted text]].
  3. To link to an external site, just copy the entire url to the page.
  4. To change the external link text, just put [url|wordsonpage]. Notice the space between the url and the appearing words.

10. Capitalizing

  1. Usernames and proper nouns should always be capitalized.
  2. 'Player' should not be capitalized, unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.
  3. 'City' should be capitalized.

11: Blog posts and message walls

  1. General chat must be kept on blog comments or fourms.
  2. Talk pages are for wiki related discussion only.
    1. That means no opinions about villagers.
  3. Threads may be locked if they are posted on after six weeks of inactivity.
    1. The sole exception to this is this one which serves as a general chat thread.

12: Voting

  1. There are five voting pages on the wiki; Deleting, Promoting, Proposals, Moving and Merging.
  2. Three {{support}} votes means the proposed action will take place, likewise if a debate gets three {{oppose}} votes, the proposed action will not take place.
  3. {{neutral}} votes will not affect the vote.
  4. Any comments need to be indented an extra time and have a {{comment}}.

13. Chat

  1. First and foremost, be nice. If you're causing arguments, harassing other chat users or generally being abusive, you could get kicked or banned from the chat.
    1. Be tolerant of all races, creeds, ethnicities, sexualities, genders and religions.
  2. Swearing in the chat is discouraged but not forbidden.
    1. However, slurs (such as 'faggot', 'retard', etc.) are grounds for a kick; and a ban if they are repeatedly used.
  3. Spamming in chat is grounds for a kick.
    1. Spamming links to external websites is grounds for a ban.
  4. We ask that chat users keep the chat PG-13.
    1. It is allowed to post links to non-PG-13 material if it is CLEARLY MARKED as such.
    2. Section 4 applies to your chat messages.
  5. Admins may promote users to Chat Moderators without following procedure at the Promotion page.
    1. Abusing these rights will result in a ban from the Animal Crossing Wiki.
    2. Abusing your rights as Chat Moderator will result in a ban from the Animal Crossing Wiki.
  6. Do not advocate abuse, bullying or the breaking of rules on another website.

14. Visiting players' towns

  1. You can trade your friend code at the chat or at the chat thread, or on the message wall of the person you want to play with.
  2. Please respect other users. In the event of an argument or other conflict we will not take action on this wikia to solve or assist you. We do not demote or ban users based on off-site actions.
  3. If a person has come to your town, and has griefed, make sure to take screenshots while they're doing it and send them to the admins, who will put a [GRIEFER] tag on that person's page. We will not do this if no proof or ambiguous proof is provided.
    1. In addition, people wishing to visit the town of another should check that the person does not have the [GRIEFER] tag on their page.
    2. Admins will not ban or demote users for any action that takes place off of this website.

15. Accounts

  1. Multiple accounts are not permitted as of November 2013. Previous multiple accounts are currently "legal", but in future this is not allowed. If other accounts are made to evade demotion or banning you will be punished much harder so don't bother.
  2. Renaming of accounts is possible; there is no need to make a whole new account to get a different account name. Go to this link to request username change:
  3. "Hoarding" of account names such as renaming multiple times to "reserve" characters in a series is not permitted.