Homebrew is a town made by Mayor Clara, and is one of her best towns. With many villagers, all of the PWPs and more!

It sells for 999.999.999 bells if taken, according to Tom Nook, who said "Yowza!"

-The History of Homebrew-Edit

Clara had finally learned how to hack her 3DS and launch the Homebrew Launcher. It was like a new dimension for her. A few days later, she decided she should hack her ACNL games. She wanted to create a new town to do this. Thus, Homebrew was born and she left Lilycove City to make this town. It has all buildings on Main Street, something that hasn't happened to any of Clara's towns since ACNLand.

This town cannot be corrupted, as Clara can backup this town.

Her genderbent self, Clark eventually moved to the town. Many others also moved there just to move to another town.

A few months ago, Clara's computer SD Card Reader broke, making her unable to hack her town. Because of this, she deleted her town and stopped playing ACNL. She will return when it's fixed on the series ACNL Reborn.

Homebrew used to have residents like:















The Amiibo UpdateEdit

On November 2nd 2016, Nintendo released an update for ACNL called Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo.

Clara soon learned about this update and got it.

Unfortunately because of this, glitches were patched, an Campground was added, new villagers, Wisp, Amiibo and more!

But, as garden.dat was changed to garden_new_dat, Clara couldn't hack ACNL until there was an update for her save editor, NLSE.

Soon, an update for the online ACNL Save Editor was released, allowing her to hack once more. 

She got the Flower Fairy Items from this, and she made the former hacked town of PanelPon, hosted by Lip.

NLSE hasn't gotten an update yet.

Places in HomebrewEdit

Homebrew Stadium (A Pokemon Stadium)

The Golden Lovely Castle

THP (The Hacking Police)

The Roost



Miracle Tower

Towntree Plaza

Clara's Private Island

Tortimer Island

Main Street

Lighthouse of Destiny

Sandshore Beach

The Trilodge


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