Animal Crossing: Desert Days is a series of movies starting in 2016 to 2020.


The story takes place when a girl named Cactus becomes the mayor of a town called DesertVil. She turns the town into a Desert Maze with no access to Main Street, Re-Tail and the Town Hall with every villager as Rosie and unaccessable beaches with trees and flowers covering the ocean. The Town Plaza becomes the end of the maze, and only true professionals can make it to the end, where they get a reward. Along the way, players can find lots of traps, mostly Tricky Pitfall Seeds. Rumors says that some unlucky players meet a boss called "The Sandune", a monster that blocks players and steals their items. Cactus's brother also moves in the second movie, after being lost for almost a year by ending up at the wrong town.


Animal Crossing: Desert Days: The Desert Labyrinth

Animal Crossing: Desert Days: Return to the Desert Maze

Animal Crossing: Desert Days: Revenge of The Sandune