ACNLand is Clara's old town in Animal Crossing New Leaf before she moved to New Town


Following the demolition of Petalia in September 2013 after saving it as a dream, Clara decided to start fresh from her old town. She was sad though because she lost Rosie, her favourite Villager. She later reclamed it after finding her at the Campsite, and got a lot of other villagers too like Sprinkle, Clark, Ai, Kiki, Merry, and more. Unfortunately, she never got Penelope or Chrissy, and I am her btw. My old town also got all shops, a renovated Town Hall and a renovated Train Station and a Perfect Town. It had a Fairy-Tale theme, and it had the Flower Clock too, along with LOTS of flowers, including Gold Roses, Jacob Ladders and every other hybrid and non-hybrids. In 2015, she left and moved to New Town with Isabelle, Clark, Ai, Rosie, and all of her other favorite villagers. She didn't destroy it this time though, as she saved it as a dream too. Clara also got all of her items too to move. When she got to New Town, she retired as the mayor and started working at Nook's Homes with Tom Nook, Lottie, Lyle, Isabelle, Clark, Ai & Digby. Clara saved Digby's house and made it into her house, as her old one was destroyed. Luckily, Digby has a room too. She gave everyone else houses after too, like Rosie, Clark, & Ai. Sometimes, her friend Oliver from New Leaf (town) comes to visit as well.